The Mourners: Tomb Sculptures from the Court of Burgundy


Connection Speed:

This site is best experienced with a high-speed internet connection as individual mourner image files may take more than a minute to load.

Initial mourner position:

Many of the initial sculpture images show the mourner positioned in a way that does not have them facing the viewer. We have purposely oriented each mourner at the perspective from which you would see them in situ, were you visiting the tomb of Jean the Fearless. Of course, you may reposition them to obtain any possible view.

Controls for 360° views:

Use the controls under the mourner "movies" to rotate, to zoom in and out, and to enter and exit full-screen mode. As with any interface, spending a few minutes experimenting with what the buttons do will help ensure an easy and enjoyable experience.

auto rotate controlToggle Auto Rotate: This control turns auto rotation on and off. manual rotate controlRotate Mode: Click on this control, then rotate the object by dragging left or right. pan controlPan Mode: Click on this control, then you can drag the image to view any part.
Note that this control can only work when the image is zoomed in
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Note that you can also press the ESC (escape) key to exit full screen mode

3D Glasses:

This site includes 3D images that require the use of "anaglyph" Red and Cyan lens 3D glasses. These are not generally the same 3D glasses one gets at recent 3D movies but are useful for other media sources as well. (For example, YouTube has recently started accepting 3D video uploads for this format.) Glasses can be obtained inexpensively from many sources including: Berezin Stereo Photographic Products, American Paper Optics , and

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